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Rebranded as Extreme Technology
Category: ReviewPosted by Fallingwater on 05 August 2011

Original article date: 25th February 2005.

This article is available here.

This site has gone through three different versions; this article dates back to the first, when I knew very little about HTML and even less about web design. The new site is a far cry from that, but I required some specific behaviours in the article creation process; this makes it a lot easier to input articles now, but plays havoc with the half-broken HTML in which the original articles were written.

Porting the old articles to the new site would be incredibly painstaking work involving reinsertion of all the links, so I decided to just give up and link to the original pages in the old version of the site, some parts of which I've left online for this purpose. I hope you'll agree my time is better spent writing more articles than adapting old content.

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