How to repartition a Toshiba AC100

If you want to install Linux on a Toshiba AC100 smartbook and don’t care about Android, you may want to repartition the internal memory. This frees up approximately 2 GB that are otherwise taken by useless Android data; on a device with 8 to 16 gigs, this can be significant.

However, be aware that if you follow the official repartitioning guide the script will fail leaving you with an unresponsive AC100 that no longer accepts the bootloader.

The hard solution is to manually input the lines in the script making sure to copy /usr/lib/nvflash/fastboot.bin in the “work” subdirectory before running the line that repartitions the device (the one that passes “–create” to nvflash). I’m not sure why the script fails if the file is not present in the work directory, but fail it does, and I can’t be bothered to investigate this any further.

The easy solution is to use this slightly revised script that does the same (you may have to modify it to suit if your Linux distro puts fastboot.bin anywhere else than /usr/lib/nvflash). If you’ve already tried the official script and are now stuck, this script will restore your AC100 (it’s just the last part of the full script).